Posted by: Elron Mings | 13December2009

For Love, And For Life

For Love, And For Life



Love is beautiful,

as are you, to be sure,

Love is in all things,

Righteous, Holy, and Pure!

Life is beautiful,

a Gift through Love so true,

Life brings us closer,

to God than any pew!

Love is the answer,

to mysteries of Life,

Love heals all wounds,

no matter how great strife!

Life is the answer,

when Love is in question,

Life the only key,

when seeking direction!

Love is all there is,

I found within your eyes,

Love, sweet and tender,

there is no greater prize!

Life is all there is,

with you I wish to share,

Life, timeless in Love,

it bore no greater pair!!!

©   12DEC09                           James Elron Mings


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