Posted by: Elron Mings | 3June2010

Nothing Compares To You!

Nothing Compares To You!


Nothing quite compares,

to all the little things,

simple pleasures abound,

the endless joy they bring!


The half smile you wear,

when you catch me in a stare,

the delicate movement as you walk,

melodic your voice as we talk!


Fluid like in motion,

your head when hair’s in the way,

the cute scrunching of your face,

when something silly I might say!


No words to express the glee,

while with daughter we play joyously,

no end in sight, to happiness found,

when e’er I know you’re around!


All this and so much more,

so easily brings delight,

so long as you’re involved,

the whole of my world, shines bright!


©   04DEC2009                                                       James Elron Mings

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