Posted by: Elron Mings | 7October2010

Path Of Uncertainty

I wrote this the morning my Journey was suppose to begin, though I didn’t actually “leave” ’til the next morning…  -I do feel the “false start” that later insued to be a part of the Journey-  I ended up having to spend the day reorganizing, changing in and/or out a few supplies… 

Path Of Uncertainty


A Journey begins

before the dawn

only Hope remains

all else is gone.


Forever, once

was a Promise given

now blindly I go

by Love I am driven!


Shaky ground

to say the least

of this future’s path

be it famine or feast.


Life now decides

and sheer strength of will

whether I sustain

or pay the reapers bill.


Clinging to hope

and a wing on a Prayer

tomorrow we’ll see

what’s found, if I get there.


©  20JUL2010                                                                  James Elron Mings


  1. Elron, by now you are at the end of your journey. I can only imagine the range of emotions you are going through.

    God does not waste anything we go through, stand strong in your thoughts about yourself and what you have done.



  2. You are so Right!!! 🙂 The Journey was a perpetual Blessing every step of the way! And I’m finding that I am having to re-learn my “social skills”, as so much time in my own head created a place where I came to grips with who I was, yet forgot how to be! LOL I will adjust, as my new Journey begins, and my Life’s work finds a foundation with which to build upon!
    Thank you for the words of Wisdom, they come with Perfect timing! 😀 Such is the continued Blessing, as Life (for me) begins anew!


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