Posted by: Elron Mings | 2February2011

What Goes Around

Here it is, the final Poem I wrote, at the very end of my Journey of a Thousand Miles!  I wrote this the day after I arrived, for the 2nd time, in Woodland, CA.

The first time, I arrived by Bus, having cheated myself (and she whom I had made such a Promise to) of the actual Journey that would follow, almost exactly a year from the time it was first attempted.  It is funny -if not more than a little ironic-, how Life works out sometimes.

The first time, having been ill-prepared for the Journey when I began it, I had little other choice than to get aboard that bus, cutting the travel time of the Journey short, for I would not have survived, having none of (or not enough of) the supplies I needed, and too, more “baggage” than could be adequately or reasonably carried the distance of 1200+ miles.  (Sadly, I carried also some emotional and relationship baggage as well, left to/with me by my ex-wife, that may, or may not, have had some part in the unfortunate outcome of my first 3 months spent in Woodland, the place I now call home…)  However, despite my lack of preparation, it was to be (and remains) the Happiest 3 months of my Life!  For once I arrived, I had all I ever wanted, or Dreamed of ever having!!!

The second time, I had 98% of all the supplies I needed, but NONE of the Promises of Love, Happiness, Joy, or Fulfillment that accompanied the first attempt of my Journey once I arrived.  Though my Romantic Heart refused to accept that there was no chance of reconciliation with she for whom the Promise(s) were made, the reality remains that even after having completed my Journey, and the Promised Journal of that Journey written, there has been no meaningful dialogue between us, not even in the guise of Friendship.  I have not felt so alone, so lost, nor been so grief stricken, in all of my Life.

But, Life is, after all, a Journey.  And, it is said, that it is the Journey that matters, not necessarily what is found at its end…  Though this Poem was written at the conclusion of one Journey, another began anew once I arrived.  The Journey I now embrace, is that of laying a foundation for the rest of my Life!  With, or without Love, there is yet much I wish to accomplish, and much yet to be done.  So long as I am able, so shall I endeavor to make those other Dreams of my future a reality.

Nonetheless and allthemore, here it is, the “final” Poem of/for/about that 75 day period where I found myself most Blessed, most Hopeful, and most in Love with Life and Living, despite the fact that the odds were -or seemed to be- against me, every step of the way…

What Goes Around

Love Surrounds

as Life abounds

True Joy unites

as Lovers take flight!

Eternity is found

as the steps hit the ground

for Promises made

a foundation is laid!

Life defines

the moments divine

all words miss

True Love’s bliss!

Forever in your eyes

as the Stars in the sky

defining what’s true

through Love each day new!

Yesterday’s gone

tomorrow comes dawn

Life given is new

Love refreshing as the dew!

©  05OCT2010                                             James Elron Mings

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