Posted by: Elron Mings | 17February2011

In An Angels Kiss

You always know when you find “the one”, as I knew the moment I met her.  I wrote this after we parted, sadly, for the second time.  I’m still unclear why, but we haven’t spoken since.  Time and the Heavens alone (and mayhap she) knows what may come.  Life goes on.  And in this moment, memories, -the best and Happiest of my Life- are all that remain.

In An Angels Kiss

The Moon glistens,

in water so clear,

I feel your presence,

as though you were near!

The Halo of an Angel,

the body of a Moon Goddess,

no beauty ever matched,

nor wit so fully conscious!

The Winds caress,

with a gentle breeze,

Love so strong,

I’m on my knees!

The eyes hypnotic,

your face so smooth,

with arms around me,

I wouldn’t, couldn’t move!

The Water trickles,

as memory grows,

our Love is eternal,

unlike the Rose!

©   02NOV2009                                               James Elron Mings

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