Posted by: Elron Mings | 17May2011

Lifes Secret

To whosoever may call themselves a fan (perhaps not many) I am posting this exclusively here on my Blog, for the simple fact that I have been so long without a posting.  It (sadly) is my latest Poem.  Sadly, only because I have not written more recently… current Life changes have detracted from my Craft, something I am working on fitting “back” into my schedule.  I Promise, I will be more prolific in the future, right now I’m working on getting this juggling act down, so please, bear with me!?!  I am yet alive and well, and I’ve a head full of things to say!  😛

Life’s Secret

In days recent past

two to be exact

an awakening transpired

connectivity, now a greater fact

The Dawn of a new day

a Life so precious, sought

living’s the hard part

but only when reality is fought

Every moment, so Joyous

each breath a chance

to make our dreams real

to take more than a glance

Possibilities, endless

if we but simply believe

in something far greater

than in the moments we grieve

Love is the answer

to the questions we’ve asked

the greatest common factor

its limitless giving, our task

Sharing is the key found

Life’s binding force, energy

our connectivity, the secret

that once spread, brings serenity!

©01MAY2011                                                                       J. Elron Mings






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