Posted by: Elron Mings | 16September2012

A Plea to Our Humanity

A Plea to Our Humanity

Dear Residents Of these United States,

My prayers are with you/us all, during these Blessed, disturbing, & crucial times!  Please. allow me to expound. . .

We are in this day & age so very Blessed, to be alive, present, and capable of such wonders as do currently exist!  We, as never before, are more instantly in touch with our global family, able to not only communicate, but send/receive still and/or live images at the press of a button!  The world over is beginning to demand and receive those inalienable Human Rights we Americans too oft take for granted of Liberty, Justice, Peace, &Freedom for all!!

And it is disturbing that we, citizens and residents of these United States of America, being the most privileged one-third of the world populous, among the, if not the strongest political/diplomatic force in the world, are selling our Rights/ Liberties/ Freedoms to the lowest bidder, to allow for the greatest profit margin, in blatant disregard to the effect(s) upon the majority 99%!

It is hereby/therein crucial, as amid the overwhelming advance of technology, in a world where our understanding and knowledge not only of the world around us, the problems we human beings in residence of planet Earth face, but also of each other is at an unprecedented high, that we act peaceably, and in unison, for the greater good, and not our own selfish gain!  If history has taught us nothing else, it has shown time and again, the TRUTH of the statement, “United we stand, Divided we fall!”

We stand upon a precipice, and we are precariously teetering. . . we are now, more than ever before in human history, capable of either accomplishing things which can save and better us all, or utterly destroy us!!

It is undeniable, that the latter is far more easy than the prior!  Indeed, we are stating the difference between- in the case of our utter & complete annihilation- pressing a few buttons, vs. something present generations could merely begin for the benefit of -a- our future!!  Granted, the effort required for humanity’s benefit is without question more difficult, but no good thing has ever been easy!

Would you rather look back on your life knowing you labored for the benefit of our children, their children, and theirs, ad infinitum, or having knowingly contributed directly, or by/through apathy, to their bitter and literal demise!?!?

People the world over, yea the very Earth- that Great Mother that bore life to us all- is screaming for immediate, drastic change!!  And as a simple, sure, and proven resolution, I re-iterate: -Peaceably-  “United we stand”  -destructively-  “Divided we fall!”

I have faith in us, that we can and will do the Right thing, for the Hope of a better tomorrow, with the Charity (Love) our future -the children- deserves. . .  it’s time, and we know it!

Blessed be!


J. Elrond Mings


  1. glad to see new words here. I miss you!


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