Posted by: Elron Mings | 22February2015

Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Alone in a box
Competing ‘gainst steel for warmth
Missing you more
That I ever dreamt I could.
What lies beneath
Barely feels human
A mock existence
With you so near and far.
It’s been too long
Memories now fade
Cling though I may
Experience says, they’re not likely to last.
Life was so sweet
Our Love so much more than real
Separated now, by walls, steel doors & glass
Holding you, among the fading Dreams.
Promises made, says this won’t last
If Life holds on
And sanity kept
Heaven on Earth, shall again be!
Dreams, please come quick!
Reality go! Go & don’t return
‘til the day, I hold you once more
And this cold, cruel world, fades away

©12 Jan 2012 James Elrond Mings

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