Posted by: Elron Mings | 7March2015

In That Now

In That Now

I was a man
Before I’s a boy
I just didn’t yet know
Enough of Life’s joy

My body grew
A mans it became
But I reverted to boyhood
Still playing kids games

The all at once
Everything changed
My existence desolate
Emotions panged

Herein’s the mystery
Before me laid bare
Love, Life, they surround us
Sharing, Living, these are all too rare

Shocked into Living
All finally made sense
But for Life lived
There was no recompense

Second chances are few
Love’s too important to wait
Be all you can always
Before it really is too late

This was my folly
Loves pulchritude in sight
I wasn’t doing my best
What mattered most, I lost in a night

Hear now my plea
Learn from the past
Don’t repeat mistakes
Life’s gone too fast

I Prey thee heed
This lonely heats rhyme
Forsake not what is given
There’s no turning back time

If I had it all
To do once again
I’d be in that now
The man I should’ve been

© 12 Oct 2012 James Elrond Mings

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