Posted by: Elron Mings | 7March2015

Vows For Valentine’s

Vows For Valentine’s

Destined from birth
Faith says even before
Memory bears proof
Loving days of yesteryore

Eternal in truth
No beginning nor end
Always to you
My Love I do send

Reality fades
Your Radiance blinds
All Good things
With you I find!

My heart beats
My hands toil
My Life for you
My Soul, when this body is soil

No greater Love
On Earth to be found
No greater Gift
Nor Foundation more sound!

Unity provides
And Dreams come to Life
As One we soar Free
Together, no strife!

True Love blinds
The strongest Universal ties
Ours for all time
Seen in your eyes!

Words fail
Expressing our Love
Together Forever
We take Flight, souring above!

14 Feb 2012 James Elrond Mings

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