About Elron…

Hello again, World!  My time has…  well, it certainly hasn’t flown, but it has indeed gone by.  When I wrote the following (“About Elron”) text, I had only an inkling of where my Life might take me.  And if I’d guessed at the destination, I’d have been wrong every time!  LOL  But, the World has not ended, though nothing is the same.  Not even I have escaped the ravages of time.  Such is, and I am not ashamed.  I am, have been, and continue to be so very Blessed!  It is a marvel that I am alive today, and even more so that the only scars I bear (that are “new”, within the last -almost- 7 years) are emotional, and mental.  But, as some great and wise person once said, that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!  And if measured by Faith alone, that is certainly true!!

I am now more interested than ever in my Writing, as it is an old, and reliable skill.  One I’ve invested much energy into developing, and have been so Blessed with the time and opportunity to do so!  I’ve picked up a few other “tricks” along the way… we’ll see what I can make of those, and whether or not they (as I suspect they might) end up mingling together in a weird dance of Life.

Life is good.  It is getting better.  And I have naught but our Creators to thank for each and every moment I’ve been so very Blessed with, and continue to be Thankful and Grateful as they multiply into seconds, then minutes, then hours, days, etc.  It is humbling to me, that anyone can go on for even a minute without the sure Knowledge that each and every moment we are Blessed to receive, isn’t just that.  A Blessing!  How marvelous it is, to not have to think about breathing, or finding air to breathe!  How miraculous, that spark of energy that allows us (wo/man) to be the vessels for the Creation of Life (and women more so than the rest of us)!!

These are just a few of my thoughts…  details follow with a bit more “about me” to them, but it’s been a while since I’ve actually said what’s on my mind, so here you are…


Hello World!  🙂  I am an Poet/Author, Philosophically minded, Jack-of-all-Trades.  I’ve been writing Poetry for more than 27 years, and had it suggested to me by a friend, that I begin “Blogging”, an aspect of publishing I had not before considered.  But given its growing popularity, why not use it as a means for, world wide, my “voice” to be heard.  After all, who doesn’t wish to be heard, and/or get their “15 minutes” of fame!  LOL.  I have published Poems on the following Websites:  allpoetry , also listed under CoCoKnight, and Facebook , which is under my actual name.  I’m also working on publishing a book through Author House, as well as working on turning my “Journal of a Journey of a Thousand Miles” into a book, and getting an agent for it.  I’ll post that info once things are finalized.

I am currently residing in Davis, CA, not far from where my Journey ended October 4th, 2010.  My Life has been anything but dull, and I have been so Blessed since I arrived!

Sadly, and honestly, I could go back much further with that statement, but, having no regrets, I must continue to look forward, and appreciate that which I have, and not focus too much on what I have lost.  For it is the recovery from those losses that have helped (and are helping) to define who I am.  Without the experience(s) I have gained, I would not be who or where I am, so I therefore would change nothing of my actions, nor my past.  I have learned, and will continue to try to do so, that I may move ever forward, towards the Life I have always dreamt of having.

I have lived now in 3 of our 50 states, namely California, the only state I’ll ever call home, Illinois, and New Mexico.  {Save for time spent in the military, in which “technically” I suppose the 2 months of Basic Training, and 1 month of A.I.T., could add two more states to this list.}  I have been to/through 39 of them.

I have been, as I see it, “truly” in Love 3 times, twice to one woman and once to the woman I married and have since divorced, and failed thus far to have any of that Love remain an active part of my Life.  Things come and go.  People move, and move on, some leave this Life behind.  I think of and miss them all daily, and Pray they know this, if nothing else.  They will continue to be in my thoughts daily, and hold a place in my heart, ’til the moment in which such things are no longer possible.  If I’ve learned nothing else over the course of the last 9 years of my Life, it is that there is NOTHING more important than Love!  It is the meaning of Life!  And that we should cherish every Blessed moment in which we are able to share, for those moments, and the chance to share them with Loved Ones, Family, and Friends are fleeting, and as precious and fragile as Life itself.

I appreciated most genres of Music in my early Life…  and now lean more towards Classical, Folk, World and New Age.  Alternative(Retro, or 80’s/90’s style)/Industrial, and Techno/Electronica still have a special spot in my heart, but I don’t listen to them that much any more.  Tastes and preferences change over time.  Music, it is my belief (as with Poetry),  has the ability to connect us all.  They are a means of communication in which emotions can be expressed not only through the words themselves, but through the rhythm and notes in which they are presented!  And I believe that in itself to be a source of beauty, that is under-appreciated.

I don’t care much for Television, I think there is seldom a show produced today that is worthy of mention, let alone fallowing.  I do have “favorites”, but most of them are long since out of syndication.  “Television,” it was said best in a song from the late 80’s / early 90’s, “the drug of the nation… breeding ignorance, and feeding radiation.”

I much prefer reading!  Or writing…  LOL  I like all kinds of books, not having a particular favorite as far as literary genres go…  There is a wealth of knowledge that can be found in books, if only it could be done to read them all!

That is all of/about me for now… I may edit and add more at another time… ’til then…

I Pray, as always, that these Blogs find you in Good Spirits, and in Good Health, and that any subsequent visit(s) will find you better than before!  Happy reading, and may the Power(s) and Force(s) that be, Bless and Keep you in Warm and Loving care!


  1. Finally got to read your blog, very interesting! I could never walk the 1000 miles like you did, I am sure you have a lot to tell about your trip. See you at work tomorrow.


    • We can do anything if we put our minds to it! We stand as th only obsticles in our path to success, and with a little Faith, we can accomplish ANYTHING, if we but simply Believe, and get out of our own way! There ARE NO limitations, if we do not allow them to be! 🙂


  2. Haha, I agree Elron, Television is killing our braincells and stealing our God given intelligence. Movies on the other hand can give us a lot as long as chosen well 🙂 I suggest a couple of Japanese movies which are very philosophical and which I’m sure you’d love. They can be found subbed in English & spoken in Jap:

    Red Beard
    Dear Doctor

    Love is the fulcrum of these movies: love for life, love for others, love in kindness..

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs 🙂

    God bless,



    • And I too, agree! It is interesting, and at times profound the Messages that can be received through certain media. At times I have been stunned by the timing and perfection of insight I’ve found through certain films, books, etc., and at the time in which I see them! 🙂 LOL I’ve seen Ikiru, I’ll have to look up the other 3 when I’m able… Life is a series of moments, in which I seem to have found myself both stuck and freed simultaneously as of late. The duality of my current existence is perplexing to say the least! LOL I Pray all is well with you, and am glad you have enjoyed what I have to offer thus far! 🙂 There will be more to come, as time and the Universes binding us to them both allow! Aloha! Namaste! As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


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